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Make Friends Wherever You Go


There are more than 160,000 TPs from 170 countries around the world.

Appearance is also important

Who you are is more important

With over 160 interests and 20 tendencies

tell me who i am

I'm like this

Yes, appearance is important, 
but what kind of person you are is more important.

Show yourself through features such as

interests(160+), traits(20+) and language skills

I can speak these languages!
These are my traits!

you would find
the best fit international friends easily

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Let's be friends with TPs all around the world by online world tour!


Don't just chat, 

meet offline

Offline matching request
GPS check-in

Suggest offline matching to the TP who was chatting with you!


What shall we do

when we meet?
TriPriend will find it!

TP Zone provides you contents such as

restaurant / activity / accommodation / shopping!

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